Burning Soul Brewery

Burning Soul Brewery

Established 2016

Website: https://burningsoulbrewing.com/

Owners: Chris and Rich (Unconfirmed)

Location: Unit 1 Mott Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B19 3HE

About Burning Soul Brewery

We first come across Burning Soul in Otto Pizza Restaurant and we're instantly excited to hear Burning Soul we're just a stone throw away from our home in the JQ.

Hidden behind a unit on an industrial estate where all good breweries begin, they open their taprooms every Friday and Saturday for the public to enjoy.

From Burning Soul

"We tried cask beer, but back then it tended to be a bit hit and miss. Looking back, one that really stood out was Oakham Citra. Suddenly there were all these awesome flavours in beer, but our obsession really took off in 2007 when we had our first ever Punk IPA. This was original 6% punk – a toe curling bitter with huge hoppy flavours, quite different to punk today. We remember that first sip being truly offensive, but quickly we couldn’t get enough."

Burning Soul Beer

Image Credit Birmingham Mail

"Fast forward a few years to 2012, and it felt that Birmingham’s craft beer scene was really starting to take off. It was around this same time that we started trying brewing our own beers to match these iconic beers that we loved."

Burning Soul we're first introduced to Birmingham in 2013 wherin attending Birmingham’s first ever craft beer festival. By the end of 2013, Burning Soul future was destined.

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