Purity Brewing Co

Purity Brewery Co

Established 2005 by Paul Halsey and James Minkin

Website: https://puritybrewing.com/ 

Owners: Paul Halsey and James Minkin

Location: Purity Brewing Co, Upper Spernall Farm, Great Alne, B49 6JF

About Purity Brewing

Purity Brewing Company is an award-winning craft brewery established in 2005.

When Purity Brewing Company set out the mission was simple: brew great beer without prejudice, with a conscience and with a consistency and an attention to detail, which is second to none.

Brewing award winning cask beers Pure UBU (4.5%), Mad Goose (4.2%), Pure Gold (3.8% or 4.3%) Bunny Hop (3.5%) and Saddle Black (seasonal 5.8%) and keg beers Longhorn IPA (5%) and Lawless Lager (4.5%) Purity have a range of beers, which at once pushes the boundaries without compromising on quality. We are proud of our range of beers, which you can read more about here

Based on a working farm in the heart of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, Purity are committed to brewing beer with a conscience. Our brewery practices are designed to be environmentally friendly and in some cases in the case of our wetland system, environmentally enriching.

Purity is a name synonymous with music and the arts and thanks to our support for music events such as Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul, Moseley Folk, Camper Calling and Lunar Festivals like to keep our finger on the cultural pulse. Our customers are discerning when it comes to culture and accordingly they are discerning when it comes to the beer they drink.

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