Two Towers Brewery

Two Towers Brewery Birmingham

Established 2010 by Mark Arnott-Job and Trevor Harris


Owners: Mark Arnott-Job

Location: Two Towers Brewery, 29 Shadwell Street Birmingham B4 6HB

About Two Towers

Using traditional methods of brewing, we have developed a range of ales that represent the true spirit of a great city. The brewery, located to the rear of our dedicated outlet, the Gunmakers Arms in the historic Gunmakers’ quarter, has a batch size of 10 British barrels (360 gallons), supplying a range of pubs, clubs and restaurants across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Alongside the brewing, Two Towers Brewery has developed a reputation for great events, held in the Gunmakers and the brewery itself, following themes such as local heritage, popular science, literature, comedy, fine arts and music. We also have a very popular programme of brewery tours, Brewery Experience Days and the more recently launched Brewery Survival Course.

Two Towers Brewery is, essentially, a community organisation that is integrated into the fabric of its historic surroundings with the aim of enriching the experience of all those around us.

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