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The Jewellery Quarter is a fantastic place for food, beer and wine with many independents across the urban village. I found the JQ so loveable it seemed the only choice to move to last year and I’ve enjoyed the delights of it ever since.

As a beer lover it’s been amazing to discover how much the JQ has to offer on the brewery scene and I believe it’s only the beginning of many breweries as they grow larger and more pop up in the near future with plenty of warehouse and unit space still available. Let’s break down where to catch a pint and the breweries available.

Breweries in the Jewellery Quarter

Burning Soul

Having discovered this place in early 2018, it’s easy to miss if you don’t venture too far from the centre of the Jewellery Quarter and haven’t done your research. Located in a unit just off Great Hampton Row, Burning Soul is a great brewery hangout delivering some of the best and most innovative beers in Birmingham.

Two Towers

One of the first breweries to come to the JQ in the 2010, Two Towers has established itself as one of the best known producers of ale in the game across Birmingham suppling the likes of Adams Restaurant, the Electric Cinema and many more independents across the city. Hosting brewery tours every month, Two Towers has done a fantastic job of setting a high standard and experience for the brewery scene in Brum.

Rock and Roll

Whilst you can’t get your hands on many Rock and Roll bottles or cans across the city, your best experience is to head straight to the pubs taproom and bar. Enjoy the music, relaxed vibe and fantastic home brewed craft beer to offer here as they change week to week.

Indian Brewery

With the famous Birmingham Larger taking the proud locals like myself by storm, Indian Brewery is a fantastic place to grab a curry and some craft beer made in house. The great selection of Indian Food and sharing platters if a fantastic way to spend a chilled Saturday afternoon.

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